Helping local students and adults obtain their license without the wait.

Meet Tiffany Rashid: your driver’s education instructor

My name is Tiffany Rashid and I am certified to teach driver’s education in South Dakota. I am a mom of 5 and have been homeschooling for 9 years. I’m an extrovert and I love driving! I entertained the idea for years to become a Driver’s Education teacher, and finally decided to start this new adventure. I started Arrive Alive Driving Academy for 2 reasons, first because of my passion for following the rules on the road, it irritates me that I share the road with distracted drivers and those that disobey traffic laws. My 2nd reason for starting a driving academy is because of the constant chatter on FB homeschool page, “Where do I go for driver’s ed?” I don’t like that homeschoolers don’t have many options for driver’s education. We either have to find one in a small town and drive the distance, be waitlisted, and if you are 14 you are also considered low priority.

I look forward to filling this huge need in Sioux Falls and teach teens and adults how to drive properly. My past experience of teaching driving includes, teaching my 3 children and I have taught a handful of adults as well. I promise to give careful attention to the needs of each individual student, teaching safe driving techniques in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Driving is a privilege and a huge responsibility. To be a safe driver, you must learn how to share the road with other users and in my case on my street, parked cars. Sadly, these days we need to always be on the look out for distracted drivers.

managing distractions

Driver distractions or inattentive driving are estimated to play a part in one our of every 4 motor vehicle crashes. Distracted drivers are responsible for 1.5 million collisions each year, and more than 4,300 crashes each day!

cell phones

talking and texting

Talking on the phone can be a cognitive distraction. Talking on a cell phone while driving causes a lack of focus on the driving task since your attention is on the conversation. Texting is an absolute no-no but you see it everywhere!


peers in the vehicle

The behavior of passengers can easily distract a driver. Research shows that young, novice drivers are more likely to be distracted by peers in the vehicle than older, more experienced drivers.

food and drink

eating and drinking

When you reach for that drink or drive with one hand while eating you create both a visual and biomechanical distraction.

This woman hit our vehicle that was parked on the street. My husband had to help her out of the car. Thankfully there was a police officer down the street when the accident happened. She was not paying attention when driving.

Distracted driving is on the rise

Don’t Text and Drive

It is extremely important to remove all distractions when driving. A man hit our parked Suburban and admitted that he had been texting. Thankfully he was in a big pick-up truck. We had 4 accidents within a year on our street.

Yet again, my street, a drunk driver at 2 pm. This was the 2nd time our trailer was hit. We even had cones behind the trailer. Thankfully my husband and son took a break. No one was hurt.