Let’s start driving

Providing professional state approved driver’s education in the Sioux Falls area.

Summer is around the corner, this means that it’s time to plan ahead for Driver’s Education. It’s an exciting time for your teen and you as parents, as you both look forward to more freedom. whether you are a teen or an adult wanting to obtain your license, I’m excited to help you start this next adventure.

Choose a package that best fits your needs

Tired of being waitlisted for driver’s education? Wait no longer! I offer 3 summer sessions and will have a fall session and start sessions again in March 2025. You may also book me for a group of 12 students or more. If your school currently does not have driver’s education available, have them reach out to me. I can make driver’s education happen at your school.


classroom instruction

This option includes 30 hours of classroom instruction. Students who successfully pass this course will be provided a stamped certificate that is needed to show the DMV to waive the Written exam and obtain their driver’s permit. This course is perfect for those who are anxious about taking the written exam or who want more knowledge about the rules of the road. Parents will have to log in 50 additional driving hours and wait 275 days until you can obtain your restricted permit.


classroom and behind the wheel instruction

This option includes 30 hours of classroom instruction and 12 hours behind-the-wheel instruction (6 hours driving and 6 hours observation). Students who successfully pass this course will be provided a stamped certificate that is needed to waive the Written and Driving exam at the DMV. Teen drivers must log additional driving hours and hold onto the certificate until 180 days has passed. You will then take the certificate to the DMV to acquire your restricted permit.


private session

Adult or teen drivers

This option is for you if you don’t want to learn in a group or have special scheduling needs. I will tailor the lessons accordingly to your driving needs that easily fits into your schedule. This option is available for teens or adults who want extra practice behind the wheel.


Acquire driver’s license

This option is for adults who already have their learner’s permit. As a certified driver’s education instructor, you may drive 6 hours with me, I will administer the driver’s exam. If you pass with 80% or above, you will then receive a stamped certificate to take to the DMV and obtain your driver’s license. If you choose this route you bypass the driver’s exam at the DMV. You will still need to pay the driver’s license fee. This package is also for teens who already have their learner’s permit, after driving 6 hours with me and passing a driver’s exam, you will take a stamped certificate to the DMV after having your learner’s permit for 275 days to receive your restricted license.

This package is also available if you want 6 hours of driving. A $65 savings.

must be 14 years of age before behind the wheel instruction to be eligible